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100% of proceeds go to the International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC)

5,000 New Advocates Campaign

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Teaching Artists work directly in every kind of community (schools, hospitals, neighborhoods, companies) to create change at the individual and community level.

Teaching Artistry is the sleeping giant of social change, and this book shows us why.

Cover image to Making Change: Teaching Artists and Their Role in Shaping a Better World, by Eric Booth

Eric Booth

A PRACTICING TEACHING ARTIST for forty-four years, working with the world’s most prestigious organizations (including Lincoln Center, Carnegie Hall, The Kennedy Center, Juilliard, seven of the ten largest orchestras in the U.S. and organizations in sixteen other countries) and hundreds of grassroots initiatives, Eric Booth is widely called “the father of the teaching artist profession.” 


A Broadway actor, successful entrepreneur, keynote speaker, global consultant and teacher, and author of seven previous books, he co-founded the International Teaching Artist Collaborative (ITAC), the first global network of artists who work in communities and schools. He lives in Hudson River Valley north of New York City, and works actively with programs around the world, especially Vermont’s Community Engagement Lab, the Academy for Impact through Music and the Global Leaders Institute. His website is


Eric Booth photo BEST.jpg

Teaching artists amplify the power of the arts—and no one better than Eric Booth to share these stories.


– Clive Gillinson, Executive and Artistic Director, Carnegie Hall 


A profoundly useful and provocative book — stories from the exuberant front lines of teaching artistry.

– Jamie Bernstein, Author, “Famous Father Girl”; Filmmaker, “Crescendo: The Power of Music”

Every parent, leader, teacher, and therapist would benefit from the clarity of the insights and practical know-how contained in this succinct but powerful manifesto.

– John Zweig, Chairman, Neuro-Insight; Director, Foundation for Art and Healing


5,000 New Advocates Campaign

Join the Movement

Get the Book

Pass it On


Our goal is to use this book to create 5,000 new advocates for Teaching Artistry as a tool for profound change.

How many books can YOU use to help spread the word?

Two young adults standing outdoors with one of them pointing to a sign that reads "System Change Not Climate Change"

Bulk Options for Advocacy

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$5 per book for as many you can share. 

(5 book minimum) 

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We’re raising money to make it possible for you to build advocates without cost as a barrier.  Tell us how many books you can share, and where to ship them, and we pay the printing, shipping and handling. If you can cultivate new advocates, we will help with as many books as you can use. 

Complete the Pay Them Forward Form to let us know how many books you can share.

Help the Cause


1. Donate

Donate to help us provide free books to build advocates around the world. For every $25 dollars you donate we are able to deliver five free books into the hands of advocates.


Any amount is appreciated and fully tax-deductible in the U.S.

2. Host a Book Club

Purchase books through one of the options above and click the button below to let us know you’re on board for a book club.  We’ll send you a PDF of Eric’s discussion guide plus a couple of fun ideas for your gathering.  

For ideas from Eric about how to organize and host a book club go here.


Eric will be happy to make a zoom appearance for groups of 10 or more!  

3. Shout it!

Let your friends and colleagues know about this mission. Write emails to friends. Use social media. Get the offer in organization newsletters or meetings. Amplify the possibilities.  

More About Making Change


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